Post Graduation and Diploma accreditation

Post Graduation Services

Higher Education Guide provides post graduation and diploma accreditation services for International Students.

We are experienced in Students that graduated in Romania, but we cover almost any other scenario.

We support documents pick-up and shipping, translations in over 36 languages. More than that, we cover the following:

  • documents authentication services;
  • diploma recognition and licensing;
  • obtaining the right to practice.

At HEdu Guide we treat all applications with utmost consideration! Our team passes through the bureaucratic process for International recognition and diploma procedures.

We’ll help you get the right to practice in the medical field in all European Union and Non-European Countries.

If you are a post-graduate of any of the Romanian Medical Universities, we offer a promotional discount to up to 45% (this promotion is available until 28 May 2020).

Our team gets all the required documents for you to practice not only Medicine but also Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursery as well as all other professions *regulated or *not regulated.

Practise Medicine in the European Union post-graduation services

Here is what we’re covering:

  • Diploma accreditation;
  • Certificate of Conformity;
  • Good Standing Certificate;
  • Dichiarazione di Vallore;
  • Professional accreditation
  • and licensing services worldwide.

Promotional packages are available for the following European Union countries. (click on any of the following countries to find out how to apply for a license to practice)

Study Recognition in the European Union – what you need to know

Each country has specific documents and procedures required to register and get the right to practice as a physician, medical doctor, dentist, pharmacist or even a nurse – directive 2005/36/EC.

HEdu Guide can take care of the paperwork when you graduate, so you can focus on your future.

Our process overview for post-graduation services:

See below an overview of our approach:

Step 1:
Contact us by Whatsapp or Phone at +40729543266 or send us an email to tell us more about your studies and the country where you want to use your documents;

Step 2.
After reviewing your application, we give you a quote along with timelines;

Additionally, we can help with translation for all your documents from any language to any language (including document accreditation, legalization, and super legalization);

Step 4.
You receive everything by fast courier to any address in the world! Hassle Free!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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